The world’s only organization devoted to promoting religion on the air waves, which is supported by a whole spectrum of religious communities, invites you to keep up to date with what is happening in religious broadcasting in South Africa.

The IFRB is out to get the best possible religious programmes across to you through the electronics media. One of the ways it does this is by helping religious communities and broadcasters to find each other.

The IFRB reaches out in all directions: to Parliament over legislation, to government departments and ICASA over how the law is put into practice, to broadcasters to get a decent deal for religion, and to watch-dog organizations to keep in touch with them about complaints.

The IFRB exists to promote three aspects of religious broadcasting:

  • programmes of worship, teaching or pastoral care for the adherents of the various religions present in SA
  • educational programming to assist the South African public to understand the religious communities present in the country
  • the presentation of the view point of religious communities on moral and ethical matters or issues of current concern which may be presented or debated in the media


The IFRB lobbies for the cause of religion over the media, quantity, outlets, and quality.

Email: ifrb1995@gmail.com